View Full Version : Commissions for March~ Celtic-inspired Character art!

03-01-2013, 08:31 PM
In celebration of the impending Equinox, as well as a healthy dose of Irish spirit, all through this month I'm going to be doing traditional Celtic and Pictish-inspired character commissions! I will be offering them as either single character or a pair, either with color or inked. Also note that if you want a lot of elaborate knotwork in your commission, price adjustments might be made due to the increased amount of time involved in it. I can also ship these anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for $3! Here is the lowdown:

~Inked~ Fully detailed in either black or sepia ink (your choice). I currently do not have a proper example for this, but be the first to commission one and I'll make sure to show it off! Just like the colored version below, I will be utilizing the entire page (9x12) and therefore there will be a lot of detail packed into it.
I ask $30 for single character and $35 for a pair. As I mentioned, price may be different depending on just how complex you may want it.

~Colored~ Fully detailed and colored in a variety of media, namely a mix of pens, markers and colored pencils. Example here (https://www.weasyl.com/submission/136759) As the example shows, the entire page will be used.
I ask $40 for single character and $45 for a pair. Price stipulations for these remain the same.

~A few notes about these~ Because of the nature of the art, I will be as faithful to the depictions of the characters as possible but be aware there will be quite a bit of stylization to fully utilize the Celtic and Pictish style of zoomorphic knotworking. There characters will be "feral" no matter what, so if you have say a hybrid character, make sure to specify what they primarily look like, i.e. a deer-like body. Obviously if you already have a feral reference of your character that simplifies things greatly, but is not a requirement! Also, a bit of artistic freedom is a must for these since it takes a bit of trial and error to make the creatures "fit together," however I can provide a prelim sketch before I do the final transfer to make sure you're getting what you want!

Here is my Weasyl gallery (I would prefer if you note me there, but you can note me here on the forums as well): Sparkyopteryx (https://www.weasyl.com/profile/sparkyopteryx)

I only take payment through PayPal at this time and in USD (I will give you my email in the message, by the way). Turnaround for your piece is reasonable (you WILL get it in March either way) but if there are delays I always make sure to give my commissioners updates. As always, thank you for reading and possible interest!