View Full Version : 5 Dollar Sketch Commissions!

02-23-2013, 11:32 PM
Simple, quick, and most importantly, cheap!

I need to build up my Weasyl gallery here and need some cash for food and whatnot so knocking out two birds with one stone.

For just 5 US dollars you will get a sketch like so (links to my dA):
http://anobe.deviantart.com/art/Art-Trade-Batch1-WIP-291054285 (anthro style example here)
http://anobe.deviantart.com/art/Sasha-343847992 (more finished one/more speedpainty, If you want this, it would be 10$)

All I need from you is a good ref, description of pose/details/etc (if needed), and payment via paypal.
Send me a PM here, main Weasyl account, or note via dA if interested. You'd be really helping me out :)