View Full Version : 7 years of Fur Art now on Weasyl! (Also Commissions open)

02-23-2013, 08:32 AM
Hey kids, Devillo here! Ive been on sites like F.A. and Inkbunny for a while now and alot of people mentioned Weasyl, so I thought I'd check the place out. Well I can honestly say I am LOVING the layout of this place. Very clean and streamlined, and perfect for artists looking to showcase their work in the best way possible.

Im currently in the process of doing commissions to raise money for my future plans in America, and would be more than happy to create art for you guys. Feel free to head over to my page, https://www.weasyl.com/profile/devillo check out my work and if you like what you see please drop me a PM!

Digital Color: 25.00
Inks (Traditional or Digital): 15.00
Pencil sketch: 10.00