View Full Version : Collections Help?

02-20-2013, 07:03 AM
I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not, but I have a question about the collections tab.
I have art that I would like to upload that was drawn for me (I am an artist and don't want to upload them with my stuff), but when I click to Submit I see no option to upload into my collections, or an option in the tab itself. Some of the artists that drew art for me are on this site, but my picture's aren't uploaded. I guess they're just uploading all their newer work from 2012 to present. Can anyone help me with this, or am I stuck to upload it in my main gallery?

02-20-2013, 03:22 PM
To add something to your own collections, the original artist needs to upload an image and send you a request to add it to your collections.

You're free to upload it to your main gallery if you wish. You can make a folder for art that was drawn for you to separate it from your own artwork.