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02-17-2013, 05:46 AM
I was advised that this was a suitable place to post feedback regarding Weasyl. I've been using the site since the late stages of the closed beta, and a few points struck me immediately:

- It should be possible for a collections request to be initiated by the customer as well as the artist. Artists are busy people and often cannot be bothered indicating whose character(s) are in a pic. The customer is more interested in 'collecting' the image, so they should have the ability to start that process. (Currently, the procedure is: comment/note the artist requesting them to make the image available, wait for a notification, approve the collection request. It could be one step shorter!)

- It would also be great if the submission itself listed all of the users who have that submission in their collection(s). For visitors viewing the image, this is a convenient way of seeing who is featured in the image.

- Checking notifications is currently a cumbersome process; you have a separate page listing the notifications to the page(s) for managing what they pertain to. For example, in order to deal with friend requests, I first have to click the notifications icon, then click through to 'manage friends'. After accepting/rejecting, I have to go back to my notifications to clear them out. I would love to be able to accept/reject requests from the notifications screen and have them disappear once dealt with.

- Ditto with submissions; I would like to be able to clear my submission notifications without having to go through to 'manage submissions'. Also, limiting the number of submission notifications seems counterproductive - when the site grows, users will gain no benefit from only seeing the first 20 (or so) thumbnails out of potentially hundreds of new submissions every day.

- Contact and social media are missing from the profile page? It would be nice if friends/followers could see these details.

I realise that some of what i've said may have been mentioned before by other users. I hope that my reiteration of these helps to convince the admins/developers to implement some of them.

02-17-2013, 01:18 PM
- Contact and social media are missing from the profile page? It would be nice if friends/followers could see these details.

I'd like to see this where you can already see your Followers and who you are Following right on the users page instead of clicking on the "View users X is Following" and "View Users who Follow X"

would be nice to see a row of icons of users with usernames under them, and have a little "Expand to view more" JavaScript action, or a little popup overlay box which users can scroll through to view them.