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02-16-2013, 11:55 PM
First off, yay. This site is pretty neat and I'm learning more about it as I go. It's clean and cool, and I hope I can help from a "consumer's" point of view rather than an artist's.

I find the galleries very hard to navigate at the moment. I did a quick search to see if there were any topics on this, and there aren't. Maybe I'm just not an elite user, but when I click on an image, there is nothing immediate on the front page that I can click to go back a step. So I'm finding this aggravating, because I'll click an image and go see it... then be lost as to how to get back. Yes, I can hit the back key but I really feel there should be something built into the site that doesn't make me have to use that on my browser.

Something I thought about actually that I think would help you guys too, is taking a look at how Flicker deals with images and their folders. Basically if I am in an artist's gallery and I'm looking at their "Dragons" folder, I see a bucket of images. Ok great. I click one and everything else goes away to present the bigger image. Ok awesome, but wouldn't it be more awesome if beneath that image [or anywhere really] there are a bunch of thumb nails of other images posted prior or later in this person's "Dragon's" folder? That way I don't even need to back space, I can simply click on the next one, or if I don't like that, or the second to next, I can click on the 3rd! Or! If there's an arrow, I can click that and it will show me the thumbnails of the next five submissions.

Basically I want an easier experience when it comes to viewing an artist's gallery. Right now it seems clunky. It works, but it's clunky to me. I know another moderator/developer said "Don't you think it's better to browse thumbnails and pick something, than to go through every piece of work individually?" ... Sometimes yes, and for others that may be the case. I often like to peruse through galleries one picture at a time to find something that may very well surprise me and this should be possible and easy to do. Right now I feel it's hard to do that.

Also! When in a folder and looking at thumbnails, it appears that when you hit "next" and there are no other thumb nails left to look at, the site breaks. The only way to "get back" is to hit the browser back key or go somewhere else on the site. Weasyl currently just tells you "There are no more images in this gallery" and it removes the previous/next buttons from the screen.

Hope this was helpful! Or, just tell me I'm a tool and that these features already exist and I'm just overlooking them. ;)