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01-22-2013, 06:44 PM

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a good New Year and enjoyed your three day weekend for those of you who were observing!

As we move into 2013, there are a couple of things we'd like to address towards the community, and we'd like to start with addressing how we deal with harassment and reporting.

Weasyl strives to be a welcoming community for artists and appreciators of art to share, interact, and network with each other in a supportive and positive environment. Since we started the site, we've received several e-mails from users who've highlighted members on our site or on other sites who are viewed as "problem users" or users with whom they've had some differences with in the past.

Some of these e-mails simply wish to inform us of these users, to make sure we're aware that certain individuals have a history of harassment or other issues. Others have made insinuations that we outright ban users or use some other administrative action against a user because of something they've done on another site.

We realize that a lot of our members have histories with each other, in some cases spanning several years. Many have made mention that they've come to Weasyl to start fresh and leave behind whatever history they've had on similar art sites, attempt to build a new viewer base, and make new friends. Weasyl absolutely supports every single one of you who wishes to have this opportunity.

On the same token, we also cannot and will not take action against users because of something they've done in the past or on another website. Weasyl cannot control what goes on outside of the services we provide. We cannot moderate private interactions, and we can't make judgements based on evidence which doesn't exist on a Weasyl page.

That being said, if you do see something wrong or if you feel you're being personally harassed, your art is stolen, or someone is scamming users, please use the "Report" feature or e-mail us at support@weasyl.com. When doing so for harassment, please link to all relevant evidence as it exists on Weasyl. We WILL NOT be able to help you if the only evidence of harassment you can provide does not happen on the Weasyl main site or its forums. Please note that for special cases such as art theft, linking to off-site examples is relevant and acceptable. Without any evidence to the alleged issue being brought up, we cannot act on the report.

Please DO NOT make journals or posts on the forums calling out a user to get our attention or to vent about problems you're having with a fellow user. This is unnecessary and may result in you receiving a warning from the staff. And remember, if in doubt, you can always use our "Ignore" feature if necessary.

We want this to be a great community that everyone enjoy. With your help we can build one of the best communities on the internet for every artist to hone their craft and foster creativity. We hope you continue to enjoy the Weasyl experience, and we're looking forward to hearing more of your feedback!

Oh, and one last thing: keep following our Tumblr, Twitter, and forums, as we have something VERY big to announce in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


Artwork by Kaiizree (https://www.weasyl.com/profile/kaiizree).

02-04-2013, 04:10 PM
Well pewp! You just take the fun out of everything! :V

*On a serious note it is good to see a nice policy in place*