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11-30-2012, 08:32 PM
Hello there, here are the list of Skype Roleplay groups that I am currently in right now. The information is all on DeviantART but we don't require you to have a DA to join these groups. Just a skype and we're good.



Deviantart Link: http://tower-story.deviantart.com/

Currently looking for: 5 Mages and 6 Guardians

Summary: A child that is born with the gift/curse of these supernatural forces either undergoes 15 years of training, usually at the age of 5, to become a Guardian and deemed safe to travel the world as they please. Some children are sent out of the country and shipper to another land to live a better life without ridicule, while the rest are sent to the tower or live their life as a rogue mage that a world that was forged in blood and enchantment, a world that was nearly torn apart but rose back up once more to its near former glory. A world filled with adventure and the unknown that lurks just over the edge of every mountain, forest, or corner. Who will you choose to be? An ever watchful Guardian? A devious or softhearted devil? Maybe you will be a Mage that will try to find his difference in the world to make a new discovery or try to bring back the demons of old once more? The choice is yours when you enter our Tower Story.

Theme: Medivial, Fantasy, Supernatural


DeviantART Link: http://twilights-requiem.deviantart.com/

Currently looking for: More roleplayers~

Summary: Bailey and her new Order are roaming freely in the town of Twilight's Requiem. The visitors enters the town will feel the effects of the curse. However the residents who live in the town learned a trick: If you lock all doors and windows before the Twilight mark, you were safe in the building if you have never touched the cursed realms.

You are either walking or driving to the town for your own personal reason or business reason. You enter the town limits to see the sign that is gray blue with golden letters that says, "Welcome to Twilight's Requiem". There are lights that lit up the sign during the night time and Fog World period. You enter the town during the twilight period, which means you have set your foot on the Cursed realm. You are to survive the cursed realms. The choice is yours:

Are you one of the 'Insanes' and will torture people or capture people and subject them to the Order Members' tortures?


Are you one of the 'Sanes' that is trying to survive the dimensions and get out of the town before your life is claimed...
trying to find the truth about the town's secrets and free it from the curse?

Which is your choice? Make a wise one...and


Theme: Survivor, Horror, Supernatural


DeviantART Link: http://fallentearsrp.deviantart.com/

Currently Looking For: 7 Hearts, 7 Diamonds, 8 Spades, 8 Clubs

Summary: Fallen Tears is a roleplay group that is based on mafia/gangs but by a card system which is an organizational way to separate the four sides. There are the Jokers, Anti-Jokers, and Aces who are the free roaming secret fighters to all sides. Black Market and Special Dealers have arose from their graves and went into business. The Key Hacker is in danger since he holds the codes that the gangs need to win the war.

Set in modern Japan, a gangster war erupts across the country between the four sides: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs over one sole hacker who has the codes for what they wish to achieve. The Jokers are roaming freely, curiously at the actions the gang leaders are making while the Anti-Jokers are just firing down anyone that posed as a threat. The Hacker has no clue what was the reason why the gangs were after him. The Special Dealers and Black Market Dealers are merely making their profit out of the war. The question is: Who will end the war and have absolute victory?

Theme: Gangsters, Modern Day, Social


DeviantART Link: http://melodious-keepers.deviantart.com/

Currently Looking For: More Roleplayers~

Summary: The realms of Hell, Heaven, Mortal, and Purgatory all have collided with one other. Follow the stories of eleven hunters to discover the truths about this 'Supernatural' that co-exists with the mortals. The greater evil is plotting to throw a wrench into the harmony of the realms. Can you help a hunter to discover the truth and recover an item or not? Would you be the one following the Loyalist or Rouges' sides? Who will you be and what can you do?

Theme: Supernatural, Modern Day, Original RP


DeviantART Link: http://munstar-academy.deviantart.com/

Currently Looking for: TEACHERS AND STUDENTS

Summary: Since Kyuu Satsui took over, the school has run much more smoothly. Kyuu is very kind and nurturing, and she is often found walking the campus. She tries to get to know all the students and strives to promote a happy environment for everyone. She balances her time with her family, friends and her students, along with the classes that she teaches and the behind the scenes footwork of running a school.

Kyuu seriously supports the arts, and enriching others. Anyone and anyone can enroll in her classes. Young, old, night or day. The schedule she has allowed is welcoming for everyone and anyone who wants to be there. The goal of the school is to help others be better people, however they see fit to do that.

Theme: Academy, Supernatural, Modern Day


No DeviantART Link yet

Currently Looking For: MORE ROLEPLAYERS

Summary: A zombie survival roleplay group where it's based on the groups of survivors and their story lines and their attempt to get to the safe zones. Can you survive the chaos?

Theme: Survival, Supernatural, Modern Day


No DeviantART Link yet

Currently Looking for: MORE ROLEPLAYERS

Summary: Basically a gay community that focuses on everyday lives of the residents that live there. Yaoi and Yuri only. Doesn't have to be sexual at all.

Theme: Social, Modern Day, Free Lance Rp


No deviantART Link yet


Summary: Still an WIP but it's basically loosely based off DRAMAtical Murder games. But with an original twist to it.

Theme: Gaming, Supernatural, Modern Day

12-02-2012, 12:42 PM
Do we add you to skype if we're interested or what?

12-02-2012, 12:43 PM
Do we add you to skype if we're interested or what?

Please. And the whole character applications can wait until Weasly creates/reopens their groups here. Just tell me what group you're interested, Character's name, etc.