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11-28-2012, 12:26 AM
Well, we seem to have a decent sized group of programmers here on Weasyl, which is great! So great, in fact, that someone might want to put it to use. So, why not make a thread for it?
I'd like to offer this as a thread where aspiring code monkeys can ask questions regarding programming itself, and more specific questions down to the last line of code and closed paren. And those of you with experience can help! Or not. There's really no way I can make you.
I myself have a slight bit of experience under my belt, which is unfortunately all in Javascript, so I'm afraid I won't be very much help at all beyond the most basic questions. I can google try though!

A few rules, to contain the chaos.

1. Be as specific as you possibly can. Every character matters, and saying something vague like, "My class isn't doing what it's supposed to, please help," tells no one anything. Tell us what kind of error is occurring, where it's happening, what you've done to try and stop it. The more info you can give, the more others will be able to help.
2. Do not post the entirety of your code. This may sound a bit contradictory given the statement above, but the goal of this thread is to help you understand what you need to do, not have others sift through your coding. If you absolutely feel it's necessary to understand everything about what you're trying to do to fix your problem, please post your code elsewhere and link it. The last thing we need is entire pages devoted to a handful of posts containing the code for a Javascript potato recognition program.
3. Be patient. If you're on a clock for something, you probably shouldn't be waiting on the internet for help anyway. I can't tell you not to look for help for things like work or school assignments here, but if you do, do not expect other people to run on your schedule.
4. Do not ask for advice, then reject it. If the advice doesn't help, politely let the person who gave it know. No one is going to intentionally sabotage your program.

For those of you answering questions
1. Do not be smug. If people are asking you for help, the already know that someone knows more about the subject than them. You don't need to remind them of it. If you feel yourself approaching smugness while answering a question, take a moment to think about all the programmers who've made programs that are much more impressive than anything you've done, and remind yourself that the person asking a question could be any one of them in disguise. Because that could totally happen.
2. No, language wars. If someone asks a question about Javascript, do not respond by saying they wouldn't have that problem in Perl. This is really the same issue as smugness, but it's a different brand of it. You do not know why someone is programming in the language they are. Maybe it's a requirement of their school. Maybe their company won't accept anything else. Maybe Python killed their parents and they swore to avenge their death by learning every other language available. Help them do things their way, not yours.
3. Do not post intentionally wrong advice. Because that would make you a dick. And programmers are like, 80% male. We don't need any more dicks!
4. Do not post if you don't think you know how to solve the problem. If someone asks a question, they are probably already taking shots in the dark to try and solve it. They don't need help with that. They need someone to provide a light.

As always, general forum rules apply, respect the mods, etc. etc.
And as a final note, for those of you who feel like showing of your recently completed programs, (whether or not you received help for them here,) I'd suggest taking a look at oneandonly's thread, here. (http://forums.weasyl.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?146-Made-Any-Programs)