View Full Version : Suggestion: An optional "Characters Featured In This Submission" field?

11-16-2012, 03:13 PM
This is just something I had a little idea for. As an additional option when submitting art, I'd like to be able to list either my own characters or friends' characters when they appear in a submission, along with a link to their character page if they have one submitted. For characters you've submitted yourself, you could simply select the characters in question from a drop-down box titled "My Characters". For a character belonging to someone else, a link to that character submission page would be needed. If the character doesn't have a character submission page, you can just type down their name instead, if you want.

Let's say I submit a piece of art featuring my character and a friend's character, and both have entries in the Weasyl character category. I decide to provide links to both character profiles, so I select mine from the My Characters dropdown box, and I get the link for my friend's character page, and include that as well. When the piece is submitted/edited with this information, the information box next to the submission would include a list of "Characters Featured in this work", with the names of characters included and links to their character pages, if they have any.

An alternative idea for including other peoples' characters in a submission would be for the owner of that character to click a "My character's in this submission!" button, which leads them to a My Characters dropdown box, from there they can choose the character(s) that made an appearance. The owner of the submission would then be notified that the character's owner is requesting that their character be listed on the submission, and from there they can double-check and make sure it's not a bogus claim.

This idea's really rough around the edges, I understand, so I'd definitely like to discuss it and see whether or not it's a workable idea (Or if it's been submitted already - I checked this forum to see if there was anything similar but I couldn't find anything, so I figured I'd post away)

11-19-2012, 05:20 PM
Something similar to this has been suggested, in the sense that you can link a submission to your character page if it features your character. Though being able to have a drop-down of your own would be cool. Possibly even be taken to another page or pop-up window if you'd like to add a friends character.