View Full Version : Fave Button For Notifications In Message Center

11-05-2012, 08:30 AM
I'm lazy xD
But, having over 200 uploads sit in my message center only to loathe going through and favoriting a good lump of them since they're mostly re-uploads I faved back on FA or wherever is a bit tedious. Something I hated on FA and quickly got into the groove of just nuke all submissions and only favoriting when I visit an artists page for whatever reason. I sorta like DA's idea with drag and drop faving (I also like having folders in my faves too!) so something like that or at least when you hover a Heart should appear somewhere (if you've ever used Zune on your phone or have a Zune Player it'd be similar to that) with the upload title, author/creator/submitter name second, and so forth.