View Full Version : Music Submission Suggestion: Larger player for albums, display cover art beside it

11-05-2012, 06:36 AM
At the moment, if you submit music with a Bandcamp link, regardless of whether it is a single track or a full album, this is the player that displays:


Bandcamp's "Venti" player (displayed above) works just fine for single tracks, but is inadequate for full albums. There's no way to view the tracklist without opening Bandcamp, and the cover art is really tiny, resulting in poor presentation for an album.

I'd like to suggest this set-up:


This would use cover art uploaded through Weasyl (already available during the submission process, currently only used if user submits an MP3 instead of an embed link), and Bandcamp's "Grande w/tracklist" player with minor CSS modifications for neatness (background color: #F0F0F0, margin-left: 5px, height: 350px).

Or if that set-up can't be achieved:


This would simply use Bandcamp's "Grande w/tracklist+art" player with no modifications. The cover art is still tiny, but it would provide a tracklist, and is very easy to implement.