View Full Version : Feature Request: Optional IP Address Restriction

11-01-2012, 10:29 AM
Hi there!

I do a lot of traveling, and because of that I tend to jump from network to network on a regular basis. In cases where wifi isn't available, I tether using my phone.

I noticed that Weasyl has a session restriction that logs you out when your IP address changes. This is a problem for me since my address tends to change a lot. Especially when I'm tethering on the move, I am forced to re-enter my credentials every hour or so.

I doubt you'll want to disable this system-wide, so is there any way you can give individual users the option to NOT restrict sessions to IP addresses for cases such as mine? I'd even be happy to have a compromise with a 24-hour session timeout if it's toggled.

Thanks, in advance!