View Full Version : [SITE] can't access weasyl

10-31-2012, 11:32 AM
now, this problem is totally my bad, but was wondering if you admin-y people could kindly fix it for me? c:

the other day i was trying to log into weasyl. i entered what i -thought- was my password, only...i guess it wasn't? (bad memory over here) sent a 'forgot password' email to myself, didn't get it for a very long time so in the mean time i kept trying to log in andddd i suppose because of so many unsuccessful log in attempts i'm ...blocked from using weasyl? x)

like, totally ip blocked or somethin. nothing connected to the internet in my house can reach the website D: not even my phone can (well, unless i use 3g on it obviously. which is how i managed to eventually reset my password D: )

so yah, i'm definately the owner of the acc x) i understand you guys put things like this in place to prevent anyone stealing/getting into accounts that do not belong to them so i think the feature is pretty neat! however i understand this is my bad and i should have been more patient for my email so yeah :c

the error i'm getting with every attempt to access weasyl is- "ip temporarily rejected" and i think it's been like this for 24 hrs now. if you admin folk need any proof that i'm the person who registered the account, i can provide you the time/date when i send you the paypal donation to get my account, time i registered, etc etc :> again, it was my fault, got a pretty bad memory for passwords and yeah xD

so if anyone could kindly fix this please it would be awesome! c: