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10-28-2012, 09:34 PM
For the sake of example, consider https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/disco , the file that begins with 'Clock Tower OST...' Try mousing over it.

The mouseover you get on an image inside a person's gallery is basically useful. It shows you most of the filename. Implicitly, of course, who made it/submitted it is the person whose gallery you're in.

However, this same script kind of falls down when viewing 'the gallery overall', or one's viewed/managed submissions. With a sufficiently long filename, this is the sort of thing you're going to see, as seen on the front page:

Even in the best case when I play with zooming, this is the best I can do (and I probably shouldn't have to be zooming in and out for this):

I'd like to suggest that 'something be done' to address this.

*In whatever way an improvement is implemented, I really shouldn't have to mouse over an individual image to see who made it - on the mobile/tablet site, this trick simply won't work at all! Even on a standard web browser, I'm required to mouse over each image to see who its author is. This is cumbersome. It's the kind of thing that while viewing my gallery (or any gallery) should be visible at a glance if multiple artists are possible in that location (like the front page or 'manage my incoming submissions). Not necessary in an artist's own gallery pages, true.
* As implemented now, sufficiently long filenames hide an author even if the image IS moused over as per the screenshots above. For all intents and purposes, in this case, the author information is lost completely. Perhaps this mouseover can be modified so that 'author starts from the bottom line and works up', and 'Title starts from the top line and works down', until they meet, and the author line wins so that's always visible. Ultimately, though, the original problem of 'All I get are icons without titles or authors unless I mouse over each individually' comes into play.

Thank you for reading! :)

10-29-2012, 03:18 AM
I figure I might as well append this, just to give a quick bit of suggestion. Furaffinity.net (http://furaffinity.net) and
Inkbunny.net, (http://inkbunny.net) have both more or less already 'got this right', by different means in the details.

I think Inkbunny's general approach would probably scale better to having both the full blown site and a mobile website:
Front page: Thumbnails show on both full blown and mobile site. Full blown browser can mouse over to see ALT text. Even if you can't use mouseover or are on a mobile browser, you can click the image (and go to it), or click the username below (and go to their gallery).
Pages beyond the front page: ('See more', or 'Manage submissions'): Thumbnails show on both full blown and mobile sites. ALT text still shows over an image on a mouseover. Even if mouseover doesn't work or on a mobile browser, title of the work is shown in plain text (not clickable, but you can read it no matter how long it gets), and clickable username is below that.

(I don't think the wheel needs to really be reinvented on this one. There's really good case studies in them.)

10-31-2012, 12:55 AM
:x To be honest I gave up on the mouseover because half the time it wouldn't show up or it'd stay put on the last image I moused over while my cursor is on another, or even showing the information from the last image on the new one!

I do enjoy your suggestion to fixing this though and hope it is taken into consideration when new features are being implemented. Though I would suggest that just the users name be displayed underneath the image when thumbnails are present, as well as the title above it (limited of course) that you can hover over to see it scroll on it's own or scroll it yourself by clicking and dragging it left - right like with tumblrs tags.