View Full Version : [SITE] Cannot ''Cancel' friend request' in a graceful way

10-28-2012, 03:01 PM
Steps to reproduce this:

1. Attempt to friend someone you have not friended. You will now see 'Friend Request Sent'.
2. Click 'Friend Request Sent', which I take to implicitly mean 'I didn't mean to do that. Cancel my request please.'

You will now get the error, 'Whoops! An unexpected error occurred and your request could not be fully processed.'

Doing this should do one of two things. Either it should cancel the friend request (thus removing the notification from the request-ee's notification inbox and completely clear the request), or it should at least produce a situation specific error, e.g. 'You can't cancel a friend request once it has already been made', so this failure is graceful.