View Full Version : Usability remarks

10-28-2012, 07:29 AM
As a beta tester, I feel obliged to post some remarks about the site.

Submit -> Visual. After choosing a submission file, I can't remove it other way than using F5.
I haven't found any info about what is a featured submission, how it's created and if it can be changed or not.
I miss little edit buttons next to a picture description or my profile. To edit my profile, I need to go Settings -> Edit Profile Information. On submission page, edit buttons are under the Submission management section. In my opinion it would be more intuitive to have them next to the things they affect as well.
After pasting a bunch of words into a Tags field, JS doesn't create the tags for them. So if I paste some tags in and press space, only the first word from the pasted content is being turned into a tag. Happily, after submitting the picture all the tags are parsed well even if they weren't turned to tags by Javascipt.