View Full Version : SUGGESTION regarding Collection Offers

10-27-2012, 12:49 PM
I would suggest that in the area of the Send Collection Offers boxes, the names of individuals or groups to whom an offer has already been sent should appear. This would be helpful especially for collection items that are destined for more than one person or group, particularly while in the beta and people are inviting other people - items may have been uploaded, the offer sent to one person, but other people in large images or in stories may not join Weasyl for weeks or months yet. Since (so far as I know) the collection offer boxes appear only on the page of the user who uploaded the item, having that info appear should not present a privacy or security risk.

It might even be a good idea to differentiate people who have received/accepted the collection offer and those for whom the offer is still pending, perhaps by colour?

ETA: I quickly mocked up what I have in mind, here. In this example, the picture was offered to betty, barney, fred and wilma; the orange background indicates that fred has not yet accepted it; it was also offered to the groups arrowheads and rcaf. I don't know if groups have to accept a collection offer? Or is it automatic for them?