View Full Version : Log in delay message

10-27-2012, 12:38 AM
Upon getting my invite I eagerly filled in the fields needed for me to be an official member of the site and could not wait to start pushing setting buttons, updating my profile, and plastering my art all over my gallery. While I was waiting for the conformation e-mail to show up I tried to sign-in as I have done this before on other sites that for some reason allow you to before you receive the e-mail, however what happened I got a message saying that I was not entering my information correctly. After the e-mail arrived I clicked on the provided link and entered the same information again and it worked. What I was thinking that while people wait for the e-mail that if they try to log-in before receiving the e-mail and clicking on the provided link that they would get a message saying, "you must confirm this account before logging in."