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Lizard King
10-20-2012, 12:22 PM
Hopefully this hasn't already been mentioned. I did try searching for it. Anyway...

The way the filters are set up at the moment seems a little odd, since the two filters work in different ways on different material. I think it would make sense to simply have one more flexible filtering style, something more akin to e621's blacklists. Rather than having 2 separate lists of filters, why not just have a single list where one can choose what those filters applied to.

Example 1:
User is fine with seeing furry stuff, but doesn't want to see furry porn or suggestive work.
Filter: furry Mature+

Example 2:
User doesn't care about most stuff, but doesn't want to see humans in adult work unless there's anthros too.
Filter: human !furry Adult+
(Filter applies to adult work that contains the human tag but does not contain furry tag)

Example 3:
User doesn't want to see bestiality (human+feral), unless the "feral" in question is a dragon.
Filter: human feral !dragon Adult+

Example 4:
User just likes looking at pictures of (non-anthro) wolves, but not in adult stuff, in which they're only interested in humans.
Filter: !wolf !feral Mature-
Filter: !human Adult+
Filter: furry Adult+
Filter: feral Adult+

So it'd be similar to the current setup, but instead of standard/advanced, it'd be something like, "Applies to: [general/mature/adult] [only/and below/and above]"

I'm not sure if the terms or tags are correct, but you get the idea. It'd be neat if things could be filtered on a per-character level, but that's probably asking a bit much.