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10-17-2012, 02:10 PM
Hello. :) I am pretty much brand new to both the Weasyl site and the forum, so forgive me if I start talking about anything that either has already been discussed or is already implemented and I just haven't found it yet.

I do want to say that I really love how the site is coming along. I'm rooting for you to be successful! I'd like to see this place become a solid art community.

During the past day or two that I've been poking around the site, the thing I find myself wishing for the most is more flexible editing options, in all sorts of situations.

Not only to be able to rearrange already existing folders (which I know has been suggested), but to be able to rename folders and delete folders without deleting all the art within them.

Art/journal submission:
There really needs to be a way to notify a user of errors in a submission without it deleting everything else on the page. If I'm a new user, or even if I just momentarily forget the rules of the site, and only put in one tag on a submission, I should not be forced to re-enter every other detail of the submission for that reason. I don't know if it maybe works differently on other browsers, but after I was given a warning message telling me I needed more tags on a submission, it sent me back to the page, but everything I had already entered into the text boxes was gone.

At the very least, until that can be fixed, there should be a note directly on the submission page saying that at least two tags are required.

Same thing goes for journals. If I happen to forget a tag or something, the entire journal disappears.

Though I think this may have been suggested before, there should be a way to edit the actual image of a submission. For the purposes of updating an old image, or in case you submit the wrong image for something.

Commission price list:
This one in particular feels rather awkward to use. Like with folders, I know it's already been suggested that there should be a way to reorganize the list instead of using the default alphabetical order. But I also can't seem to find an option for simply editing a specific price/title/class/etc. To have no other option than to delete and re-type all of the information for a price option if I make one small typo or something could become pretty frustrating.

It also would be nice if I could see the commission price list as I'm editing it, without having to constantly switch back to my homepage and refresh to see what it looks like.

I put together a cut-and-paste-job of how I think the commission price page could be improved, to show you what I'm talking about: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/13221010/WeasylCommissions.jpg

Those are my major suggestions for how I think the site could be improved. There have been a couple other things that could use some work, such as button placements/layout streamlining, along with many of the things that have already been suggested a hundred times by other people.

As I said before, I am glad that this site looks promising so far, it seems like you guys know what you're doing. I hope I could help. Thank you for considering my suggestions, and keep up the good work!

10-17-2012, 02:30 PM
All of these have been suggested before and are on my common suggestions thread, but I really appreciate how you went into detail with each of your suggestions! I really like the screenshot you compiled there, it's a pretty good idea to go about modifying the commissions system. Thank you!