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  1. Music furs! What do you do?
  2. Plagiarism Prevention
  3. Ask A Professional: Television and Film Edition
  4. Music furs What songs are you learning?
  5. Busking tips?
  6. Post your songs and projects here!
  7. Musicians/Producers/etc! What do you use? (Tech/Gear talk!)
  8. Playing by ear vs. reading music?
  9. Feedback for your Music
  10. What is your favorite Genre/Style to create?
  11. Doing Guitar Covers, Yo
  12. Listening to/watching your own work?
  13. Anyone into ambient/drone?
  14. Weasyl Music Recommendations
  15. Production Niches - What's Yours?
  16. Acoustic vs. Electric
  17. Instruments you'd like to learn thread
  18. Divequest: a digital graphical novel in flash
  19. whatchu listening to?
  20. Getting into an electric guitar groove?
  21. Nostalgic musicians?
  22. Dog RPG
  23. Just a bit of showcasing :P
  24. I have made a Furry mobile game! :)
  25. My 3D movie!
  26. A Sneak Peek of My Cartoon Movie Thing!
  27. Vampire Skunk (Full Movie)
  28. Any Amateur Musicians here?
  29. Visual Novels
  30. Hit "The wall"
  31. Taking the plunge, shooting the shit about music
  32. Redemption, Sung
  33. My pixel art style animtion
  34. Music Folks, Your Experiences on Weasyl?
  35. I just released an EP
  36. Photography mirrorless dslrs with old glass