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  1. (Hiring): Need Quotes for Educational Music
  2. Looking for Icons
  3. Buying sketchwork
  4. looking to hire a decent scenery/realist artist~
  5. I'm looking for an artist to commission for a $20 paypal giftcard.
  6. Looking to Commission Digital Artwork for Website!
  7. Purchasing Koi Illustration(s)
  8. Reference Sheet?
  9. Looking for inexpensive backing track creators
  10. Looking for someone to commisison.
  11. I would very much be interested in some artings but...
  12. Ref-Sheet for Horse Partial (Very specific Horse), Budget 150+
  13. Looking for someone to build a mouse fursuit!
  14. Anyone open for tattoo design commissions?
  15. Looking for an artist to help with a new character design
  16. PSA- Please look at the date of the thread!
  17. Looking for artist for colored sketch
  18. Big group commission lots of artist needed
  19. Looking for a couple piece (later than V-day is fine)
  20. $3 Lockscreen Commissions (Weasyl Only as a thank you to the community)
  21. Looking for people who can draw bats
  22. Icon (MLP pony character)
  23. Looking for commission!
  24. Looking to commission an Icon!
  25. Crux, looking for someone who can draw those
  26. Colorist Wanted.
  27. Avatar and Signature Request
  28. New Species Creation! Help meh!
  29. Character Designer (Anthro)
  30. Looking for an adult piece
  31. Book Release Needs Artist!
  32. Looking for someone with whom to get a joint commission done
  33. Seeking Artist for a new Tolendare Reference Sheet/ Redesign
  34. Seeking Artist For Darou Icon Commission
  35. Opened for Commissions!
  36. Looking for band logo design
  37. Would someone like to make me a reference sheet
  38. looking for some art of my wolf
  39. COMICS ARTIST WANTED! ($200/page - $20000+ deal)
  40. Wanted: Ref Sheet
  41. Comic artist wanted.
  42. Artist wanted for Christmas card!
  43. [COMMISSION: Hiring] Icon/Avatar, Logo, Banner, Wallpaper, and More!
  44. NordicFuzzCon wants your art!
  45. Seeking an Artist to draw a NSFW picture of a New Character.
  46. Commisioning reference sheet
  47. Looking for good Sprite Artist for video game concept/demo
  48. Color Commissions (open)
  49. Commission request: Thunderbird (Native American)
  50. Seeking Character Sheet!
  51. Looking for someone to draw a chibi of a Shiny Eevee?
  52. Looking for pet sketch and background artists!
  53. Looking to purchase~
  54. Avatar artists wanted
  55. Looking To Buy Heartbbies, Lovenotes, Linehearts, Or Anything Similar
  56. Buying 3-character, G-rated commission
  57. Looking for a Star Wars themed full colored wallpaper.
  58. In need of story submission icon
  59. Artists wanted
  60. Hiring someone to buy a full body of my cat wizard
  61. [Looking for Artist] Reference Sheet Update/Recreation
  62. Looking for Artist for Reference Sheet
  63. Looking for a Couple's Icons
  64. Looking for someone who can do a cyborg-ish-thing?
  65. Need a quality badge artist!
  66. Seeking several commissions
  67. $500+ Extras - Long term work.
  68. Looking to Commission something adorable. Single canine character.
  69. Commission of fluffdragon character wanted!
  70. Character Revival Reference Sheet (Under $50)
  71. Looking for an artist
  72. SFW Thundercats 2011 Fanart
  73. Here's a unique opportunity...
  74. Reference Sheet for Character
  75. Velocicraptor destroys the US Capitol and slashes Congress to tatters. Details at 11.
  76. Calling 3D renderers!
  77. Firefly-esque Commish!
  78. [$60 Budget] Seeking artist for Character Creation.
  79. Looking for an Editor
  80. [$50 dollar budget, negotiable] looking for artist for semirealistic gore piece
  81. Looking for someone to commission an icon and a reference sheet
  82. [Comic] 'Slave Line-up' (NSFW)
  83. Looking for Colorists / Collaboration Partners!
  84. Commission (Hiring): Branding & Social Media Package - xPost
  85. Name your price (FLATS-Reference sheet) (NSFW)