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  1. Example Site Discussion Thread
  2. Suggestions!
  3. Forum Suggestion: Remove Post Count
  4. Suggestion Edit Folders
  5. Concern about "Collections" feature
  6. suggestion: tag aliases, tag implications
  7. Collections question/suggestion
  8. Coding?
  9. Character function suggestion
  10. Suggestion: changing the file names for download
  11. Suggestion regarding submissions.
  12. Suggestion about Site Login
  13. Just some suggestions
  14. Suggestion: Stream Notifications
  15. Suggestion: for sellers and commissions.
  16. Just a few suggestions.
  17. Character Page Suggestion
  18. New Commission Status Idea
  19. Submissions, AUP Question: Since you can embed youtube/vimeo videos...
  20. AUP question: Taxidermy/real fur pieces?
  21. Collection Suggestion
  22. Feature Implimentations - Future Updates
  23. Invite Only?
  24. Suggestion: Tag suggestions as-you-type.
  25. couple suggestions
  26. Request for main site admin guidance/opinion?
  27. A submission suggestion for the site!
  28. Suggestions - Featured Submission + Folder Icons
  29. Site Suggestion: Edit Comments / Shout
  30. User page suggestions
  31. Help Offered
  32. Uploading Images in batch?
  33. Collection Impressions (now that I've seen it in action)
  34. Multimedia Embed link issues
  35. Common Suggestions List
  36. Ratings
  37. How to Report a User Mainsite? (Not Urgent)
  38. NSFW & SFW Accounts
  39. Suggestion for more editing abilities across the site
  40. Collections system suggestion(?)
  41. Advanced Blocking - Why it's a bad idea
  42. Trying to make a banner is ridiculous X__X
  43. Where are the "Sub" Categories?
  44. Disabling Tags edits from other users? Can see this as being somewhat of a problem.
  45. Ratings are fine the way they are
  46. A couple tag system suggestions I believe are critical for launch
  47. Clarification: What YouTube submissions are allowed?
  48. Suggestion: Make clicking on a Submission image act like clicking "Download" as well
  49. Suggestion for Character files to show up in main gallery
  50. Move Comment Reply Field
  51. Folder Suggestion
  52. Commission Slots. How do you change the amount open.
  53. Better filters
  54. People uploading art they didn't make, but they commissioned
  55. Site Suggestion: Ability to update submission file?
  56. Can someone define EXACTLY what 'character' submissions are supposed to be?
  57. Anthro Tag Overused
  58. Backdating?
  59. Changing your username?
  60. Will invites be available today?
  61. Icon Question
  62. Log in delay message
  63. Some Varied Ideas
  64. Offensive Content Upload issue
  65. SUGGESTION regarding Collection Offers
  66. a submission suggestion
  67. [SITE] Formatting
  68. "Character" Section?
  69. two suggestions to increase popularity
  70. Usability remarks
  71. Help with Submissions and Commissions
  72. Login
  73. Root folder showing all submissions of its sub-folders?
  74. Question about the Collections Feature. Is it required?
  75. Submission Suggestion: Allow animated gifs
  76. Bulk Submission Upload
  77. When will groups be active?
  78. Gallery and Folder suggestions
  79. New Suggestion: Individual watch filters
  80. Suggestions: Forum Sections, Submissions
  81. Art viewing irritation
  82. Image mouseover cumbersome (mobile viewing, authors, filenames...)
  83. Suggestions: Message Center Convenience and Text Editing Alternatives
  84. Time zone specification and user selection
  85. A remove all submissions feature?
  86. Suggestion: Watch tags + Save used tags
  87. [Literature] TXT files?
  88. [HELP] Donation and invite.
  89. Add ability to request submissions to collect
  90. Donate to invite a friend.
  91. Tagging Question
  92. Where did the groups go!?!
  93. Suggestions and questions
  94. Suggestion: Bulk upload feature
  95. Displaying connections
  96. Lots of Ideas
  97. Suggestion: Gadu-Gadu messenger in profile edition
  98. Suggestion: "Scraps" feature/folder?
  99. Complaints
  100. Vimeo submissions are far smaller than YouTube submissions
  101. Auto-scrolling in text boxes
  102. Profile page and/or section?
  103. Collections and Profile Pages
  104. Feature Request: Optional IP Address Restriction
  105. Idea: Share submission with Weasyl friends.
  106. Suggestion: Sign up tutorial page [and some bugs/common suggestions]
  107. Possibility to change submission file for "Character" submissions
  108. Suggestion: Distinguish submission types
  109. More invites?
  110. SFW/NSFW Button or switch
  111. Collection Limitation
  112. Collections Suggestion
  113. Suggestion: Add a collaberation tab (next to requests, commissions, etc)
  114. A few suggestions: Comments/shouts
  115. A bit of help with user groups?
  116. Does anyone have a site invite to spare?
  117. Persistent and/or 2-Factor logins
  118. Aesthectic Suggestion : Removing Border around icon
  119. Did i just join a dead forum?
  120. Page title is always "Weasyl" and I can't tell my tabs apart
  121. Animated Avatars - Question & Clarification
  122. Featured submission permanently
  123. Ability to add current submissions to the character catagory without resubmitting
  124. Few Suggestions - Commission and Submission Related
  125. Weasyl Escrow Service
  126. Edit Composed Works
  127. "Remove all New Submissions" button in submission page
  128. Music Submission Suggestion: Larger player for albums, display cover art beside it
  129. Fave Button For Notifications In Message Center
  130. Disable 'confirm message delete' pop-up, inbox, full view by default, Stream notices.
  131. File Format Support & Reccomendations
  132. Bulk Uploads?
  133. Question on the Upload rules
  134. Suggestion: Edit Character Image
  135. New submissions by artist
  136. Suggestion: Non-Alphabetized Commission Info
  137. Registration Captcha
  138. Newer and older image navigation
  139. Commission Samples
  140. I keep getting Emails from the noreply
  141. Suggestion: An optional "Characters Featured In This Submission" field?
  142. a few suggestions
  143. Suggestion: Website field under contact/social media
  144. what kind of youtube videos are acceptable?
  145. Suggestions on disabling thumbnails/viewing submissions, concern about collections
  146. Something that bugs me...
  147. Suggestion: Concerning the 2-week Friend-Invite delay...
  148. Suggestion: Make tagging friend-only, or ferret/admin-only
  149. Azazial's Review of the Site - Problems & Suggestions
  150. Forum Suggestion: Disable Smilies
  151. Invite Counter & Timer?
  152. Suggestion: make "remove all" button a different color
  153. Mass upload?
  154. Collections and other de-duping solutions?
  155. Inbox/submission by username etc. filters?
  156. Sorting gallery beyond "older/newer"
  157. Suggestion regarding site news
  158. Suggestion: Nuke-All button on submission page.
  159. What do you hope the future of Weasyl will be?
  160. Feature Request: Resize Compress Oversized Images
  161. Possible Rating System For Streams?
  162. Suggestion: Pop-out, small-sized full image preview
  163. Suggest_Tagging: Cross-Referencing Tags
  164. "Reported" underneath someone's picture
  165. I would really like to be able to put the same picture in multiple folders. x3
  166. Thumbnail ratings
  167. Entirely new kind of literature submission
  168. Block art to be browsed.
  169. Two questions in one.
  170. Full view option, message center consolidation, and streaming status.
  171. Thumbnail system failures
  172. Tagging Privacy & More
  173. Css tweaks
  174. Suggestions for Invites feature (revoke invite, invite counter, list usernames)
  175. Suggestion: Advertising Service
  176. Multiple Avatars?
  177. The Folder System and dedicated Gallery Pages, vaguely
  178. Question about Collaborations
  179. Attention Admins :)
  180. SWF files - visual or multimedia?
  181. Journals: Ratings clarification appreciated.
  182. Suggestion for Commission Pricing
  183. About adspace
  184. Community Guidelines
  185. Userpage layout critique/discussion
  186. Missed "Check All" Button On Submission Center?
  187. [SUGGESTION] - Add "Second Life" to the list of social media!
  188. [SUGGESTION] Rating options as opposed to outright faves?
  189. Support for .DOC, .DOCX or .ODT files?
  190. Allow More Than 3 Gallery Folders On Front Page
  191. [SUGGESTION] Custom order for all submissions/Character files
  192. Basic Gallery Navigation
  193. [Suggestion] Appropriate site theming continuity
  194. [Suggestion] My initial impressions of Weasyl + improvements
  195. FEATURE REQUEST - User-based filtering
  196. [Suggestion] Character Tagging IN artwork
  197. [Suggestion] Copy submissions from other sites.
  198. Possible to change Thumbnail Size?
  199. Policy on "parked" no-activity accounts
  200. [SUGGESTION]: Ideas on streamlining, convenience, and the ratings system
  201. [SUGGESTION] The Collections Issue
  202. Collections Help?
  203. Weasyl Logo & Branding
  204. [Suggestion] Sub-Category request
  205. [Suggestion]Symbol parsing
  206. No way to edit/remove comments/shouts?
  207. {Suggestion} Pay 2 Advertise?
  208. [Suggestion] Submission notifications
  209. SFW/NSFW button suggestion
  210. Is there a how-to guide for formatted literary submissions?
  211. [Suggestion]Ability to crop one of your submissions for use as an avatar.
  212. [Suggestion] Improvements to Character Pages
  213. Nuking submissions question
  214. I got banned from the weasyl IRC channel just for being boring and submitting a link.
  215. About streaming notifications
  216. [Suggestion] Ability to adjust whether favorites are shared or not
  217. Forum Suggestion Signatures
  218. Request for clarification of Upload Policy.
  219. Video Embedding
  220. [Suggestion] A "more folders" link on the profile page (or show all folders there)
  221. [Suggestion] Link back to Weasyl from Tumblr/Forum
  222. More IM choices on forum?
  223. [Suggestion] Recommend to friend
  224. [Suggestion] NSFW Stream on the front page
  225. Commission Feature Question
  226. [SUGGESTION] View who favorites a submission.
  227. What type of forum
  228. Question: Folders and adult work
  229. Question about shouts
  230. Question: Pixel art submssion rules
  231. [Suggestions] Chat rooms
  232. [Suggestion] Crossposting to tumblr option.
  233. Question: Characters?
  234. Collaborations
  235. Character Thumbnail Bug
  236. Question: Anthropormorphic Photomanipulations
  237. [Suggestion] Local Time Display
  238. (SUGGESTION) Commission Review/Feedback/Reputation system
  239. Unicode glyphs more than you thought where there
  240. BBCode Jellybeans
  241. [Suggestion] I will start streaming later timer
  242. [Suggestion] - Longer string for interests in profiles
  243. Blacklisting
  244. Streaming suggestion: Top of page alerts.
  245. Critique Section
  246. [Suggestions] Sort submissions without keywords, by date, or by popularity.
  247. Main Site Question
  248. Allowing images in journals
  249. This bugs me a bit.
  250. Suggestion: Add a deactivate button