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  1. Weasyl press pack?
  2. Suggestion: Edit followed user settings directly on /manage/following
  3. Can "Visual" submissions be changed to "Character" submissions?
  4. Accounts for forum groups?
  5. Suggestion: LINE QR support in contact info
  6. SUGGESTION: Allow Filtering of "Submissions" mainfeed
  7. Streaming announcement changes?
  8. Suggestion: Profile organization, watch lists
  9. Can a submission's statistics be viewed without bumping the "View" count for it?
  10. profile help
  11. Creator?
  12. Artwork is TOO BIG - Zoom Function?
  13. Characters page having childs , a suggestion
  14. Weaslysphere Bulk Uploader
  15. I have no idea where this goes, buuuut...
  16. Complaints/Suggestions
  17. Edit Comments
  18. How to change avatar?
  19. 15 or 16+ for Mature Content
  20. "SFW" Button?
  21. Issue with changing name
  22. Help Weasyl as a developer!
  23. Toon Gore Rating?
  24. Forum suggestion - Automatically close "Looking for commission"-threads after a while
  25. Upvote/Downvote System
  26. Artists' reactions to tagging have become ridiculous
  27. How about an IRC channel on furnet?
  28. Darker Theme - and Attracting the FA crowd.
  29. Suggestion: Queues!
  30. Site Suggestion! Ability to easily move an image from one folder to another.
  31. Collections: Feature Discussion
  32. Remove All Button. I've pressed it accidentally SO MANY TIMES!
  33. Not sure this has been posted or implmented
  34. Character Submissions
  35. Content ordering in folders - possibly a simple fix?
  36. A couple thoughts/suggestions
  37. Ratings Guidelines is confusing and frustrating.
  38. Unable to delete characters
  39. multiple accounts?
  40. "Edit Folder Options" suggestions
  41. Can I post base dolls?
  42. Suggestion for Default Web Style
  43. Question about Uploading
  44. Blocking users?
  45. Weasyl Events? Will there ever be more?
  46. Do Weasyl have browser extensions like FA Extender?
  47. "Following" in profiles reads awkwardly
  48. Forum Suggestion : Hide forums from New Posts list
  49. Thread Title Changes or Deleting Threads
  50. User can note me, I can't respond
  51. Something I found confusing
  52. Suggestion: Sketchfab Embedding
  53. Suggestion: Fursuit Forum
  54. Suggestion: Opting out of download feature
  55. Banner ads?
  56. Ratings and why they are pushing people away
  57. Why is it that you can lock everyone but friends from viewing your artwork?
  58. Conventions
  59. Weasyl and copyright law
  60. Notification to followers of name change
  61. Your Garbage Rating System
  62. Ratings Guidelines Feedback
  63. Following vs Friends
  64. Import Tool
  65. Recently Popular
  66. Suggestions to enhance the "Browse" page
  67. Underscore Tags and-- Underscore Search?
  68. Suggestion: HTML5 form validation for upload form required fields
  69. Issues Thread: web.py to Pyramid (8/28)
  70. Site Is Down, But Says It's Not
  71. Suggestion: Reflowing Content
  72. Folder Names
  73. Let's Make Some More Noise Around Here
  74. Anyone know where the weasyl mobile app is?
  75. Skype?
  76. Can we get a Dropdown list from the Submit button?
  77. First Look Suggestions
  78. Profile Page Format changes are needed.
  79. Why not Weasyl get an Adspace on FA? [Suggestion to site owners]
  80. Site Activity and Staff
  81. Feature request: Atom (or RSS) feeds
  82. changing the tags on other people's art