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  1. Tagging and You
  2. [SITE] READ FIRST: REQUIREMENTS for useful support threads
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  5. Public Bug Tracker - Redmine
  6. Commission Format Isnt Taking
  7. Commission Descriptions
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  11. Noticed some notifications and submissions are posted multiple times.
  12. Markdown parser can't handle quoted bold.
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  14. Duplicate Submission? What duplicate submission?
  15. [SITE] Login Bug?
  16. Inconsistent UI for submissions/notifications
  17. [SITE] Two bugs with submission notifications
  18. "Remember me" when logging in to the site
  19. Bold font?
  20. Hyperlinks in a PDF displayed on a submission page are non-functional
  21. Got an error message upon registering, now the emails taken :/
  22. [SITE] I need help i cant register on weasyl?
  23. Upload Automation and Authorization
  24. Thumbnail Does Not Display Updated Version
  25. Featured Submission instead of Most Recent Submission
  26. Secure connection failed / Unable to complete secure transaction
  27. [Resolved] Having Problems Posting on Weasyl! Please help!
  28. [FORUM] Password recovery captcha not working
  29. [SITE] Characters
  30. Hello, can someone please help me?
  31. Zoo art
  32. Jibberish Tags
  33. [SITE] Can followers hide certain folders?
  34. Certain links to full-size images produce 404 errors.
  35. [Site Problem] Using the Reply button doesn't work?
  36. Name change
  37. Help with possible mass "Follow Back / Friend" feature on Notification page?
  38. [FORUM] Auto-Update for Forum rank not working?
  39. New - Ignore Feature
  40. [SITE] Unable to remove notifications?
  41. changing user name?
  42. [SITE] Glitch while editing a journal
  43. Minors & commissions
  44. Downscaled image washed out
  45. re: thumbnail visibility
  46. Text File Submission Difficulties
  47. Unable to Submit - 502 Bad Gateway
  48. Deleting threads
  49. Forum name change!
  50. Unable to access the forum
  51. Submission Images VERRRY blurry
  52. [SITE] Expired stream notifications not being removed from messages
  53. 504 Gateway Time-out
  54. Timezone setting not being saved (RE)
  55. Ignore feature giving error
  56. [SITE] Submission Time Outs/Connection Resets
  57. 504 gateway error/timeout D:
  58. submitted Flash application loads empty, pure white
  59. [FORUM] words being replaced with garbage
  60. HELP A NOOB - Submissions and most recent submission not working on profile page!!
  61. Confused.
  62. Hide Commission info
  63. [SITE] Lack of Markdown instructions
  64. banner not loading sometimes
  65. [SITE] Sorting the searchresults
  66. Unable to view PDF files
  67. [SITE] Unable to add or edit additional prices in commission info correctly
  68. [SITE] Bug: pasting a tag list from clipboard when submitting doesn't validate tags
  69. YouTube automatic profile link problem
  70. [SITE] Own characters disappear if rated above filter
  71. Curious; What time is it in Weasyl time?
  72. Trying to register
  73. [SITE] Submission Thumbnail Sizes
  74. [SITE] Did they read my note?
  75. Reporting a user avatar
  76. [SITE] Attempting to log in results in an unexpected error
  77. Attempting to add tags doesn't add tags
  78. Constant Errors
  79. [SITE] Suggestion: include no. of views and no. of favorites with submission icon
  80. Image Rotation Inconsistencies: EXIF Tags and You
  81. Pages fail to load
  82. [SITE] Negative age
  83. No idea where to put this, but I'd like to delete my account.
  84. HTML bug
  85. Feature request: No confirmation alert when marking things "read"
  86. reuploaded character image doesn't refresh
  87. [SITE] Vine submissions still not working
  88. Anyone noticing the mainsite timing out?
  89. YouTube Links are not working
  90. Can not upload any Visual artwork
  91. Submission Thumbnail not working on Chrome (Android)
  92. Help the error login...
  93. [SITE] Website Scaling Images bigger than Actual Size
  94. [Site + Forum]Username Change
  95. [SITE] User Name Change for user cephalon
  96. [SITE] Password/Email editing quirk
  97. Character Access via API
  98. Story submission blocked by CloudFlare
  99. Folders help
  100. Tweeting a link to restricted submission embeds image in the tweet
  101. Hid/Deleted Image thumbnail still showing in Submission Notifications
  102. [SITE] Some thumbnails are custom despite having auto-generated preference
  103. Adding Tags via Javascript
  104. [SITE] "Weasyl experienced a technical issue" - CloudFlare Error 524 - A timeout occured
  105. Excessive Vertical Gap between Thumbnails; Easier Mass-Thumbnail Replacement; Thumbs!
  106. [SITE] Images appearing on front page despite option selected to not show.
  107. "Owner Options"
  108. Dumb noob question
  109. [FORUM] Ignore function - Could it be better?
  110. IRC problem
  111. can't log in with mobile?
  112. Site bug: Reply error
  113. SITE BUG: Hyphenated usernames can't be referenced in markdown!
  114. [SITE] SITE BUG - Avatar Image (Animated GIF with Transparency)
  115. [SITE] Unable to Use all Content Filters
  116. (Forum) Username change
  117. Random Cloudflare errors
  118. [SITE] Settings page doesn't appear
  119. site disapearing
  120. [Forum] What's up with postcount on this forum?
  121. Name Change [Forum + Mainsite]?
  122. The image you uploaded was unable to be decoded.
  123. Search not working with some multiple word tags, but not others
  124. Blurry thumbnails
  125. As an user on a mobile device, I want to remove tags on other person's stuff...
  126. [SITE] Notification Error
  127. [SITE] Mobile Removal of Notifications/Submissions
  128. Missing user pages fail to return HTTP 404
  129. I can't log in...
  130. [SITE] Can't Remove Submissions
  131. No Verification Email?
  132. Unable to submit any images - 500 internal server errors
  133. Issue Tracker not accessible
  134. browsing journals in SFW mode
  135. Hyperlinks in comments are barely distinguishable from regular text
  136. List of ignored users cuts off
  137. [SITE] Mobile Thumbnail bug
  138. Registeration problems
  139. Submitted Image is Unable to be Decoded?
  140. I don't get it
  141. Updating Characters with New Images
  142. Suggestions for Weasyl
  143. Everything is either Bold or Italic?
  144. Having Issues.
  145. Google Drive / embed link
  146. Deleted Sketchfab model leads to Internal Server Error
  147. Changing submission file not working?
  148. Chrome (Android) Submission Drop-Downs
  149. Unable to get into General General Discussion Thread
  150. Custom thumbnail not used in notifications
  151. database error
  152. Ratings Help
  153. "This submission has already been collected."
  154. Description Text Adding Header Formatting
  155. Moving multiple images into a folder.
  156. Site down?
  157. [SITE] KitKat browser thumbnail bug.
  158. How to change what's displayed on my profile
  159. Whatever happened to the beautiful story editor?
  160. "Edit Submission File" Not Working?
  161. My safety net seems to have a few holes.
  162. [SITE] Is submitting the same image twice acceptable for featured folder?
  163. Audio submissions still require Flash, but only on submission pages
  164. I need account help...
  165. Google Docs Embed Visible on PC, but Not Mobile (iPhone)
  166. Text Formatting on Submission Details
  167. No email sent for password reset...
  168. [SITE] New Tagging System
  169. Cancel collection request?
  170. [OTHER] Is there a "mod log" for Weasyl Support that signifies business?
  171. Images too large after uploading?
  172. [SITE] weasyl username not accessable: Füchschen
  173. [SITE] Cant see/get to my username page past 20 hours
  174. Trying to contact anyone, i need an important issue resolved.
  175. 500 Internal Service Error
  176. Tried to contact support, get error message.
  177. Dark image colors are off
  178. I am so confused ;;
  179. Ad spam
  180. Can we post screens / videos of our own games?
  181. [SITE] Can’t change maturity filter
  182. [SITE] Website Issue.
  183. SITE BUG - updating character submission file does not update cover
  184. How to manage/delete submissions?
  185. Posts Not Displaying
  186. can't change the image file
  187. Emailing Support not Working
  188. Main Site Down (Error 503: Bad Gateway)
  189. Forum Spam
  190. How to Report a User?
  191. Can't see text on forums
  192. Latest uploads not updating
  193. Corrupted Submission: Cannot delete to re-upload
  194. Posting Error
  195. Weasyl appears to be down
  196. Video submissions return error messages
  197. Unexpected error when trying to upload a pic, while others went through fine