Forum Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the forums and mainsite linked together? Do I need to register for the forums too?

Our forums and mainsite are separated and will require users to go through the registration process for both. While we have implemented numerous security policies on both the mainsite and forums, we encourage users to practice account safety and use separate passwords for their account and not sharing accounts with other people.

2. What does each forum rank mean?


Directors are the highest level of leadership on Weasyl. Staff members are appointed to the director position in order to make decisions and provide insight concerning the high level direction of the site, including policy, legal protection, and development of the staff culture. The directors act as a council of multiple members and may have the final say on most site related issues should the situation demand supervisory action.

Forum Staff

Red names are Forum Admins.

Forum admins manage all coding management, moderation, and backend functionality of the forums, including bug fixes, style changes, and fixing any user problems. Forum admins manage the Forum Moderator staff, though may have decisions vetoed by the directors.

Green names are Forum Moderators.

Forum moderators have the abilities to moderate the forums in accordance with the policies and rules of the site. These abilities include moving, editing, deleting, and locking threads as well as infracting or banning, with limitations to action based upon moderator rank.

Mainsite Staff

Red names are Mainsite Admins.
Green names are Mainsite Moderators.

Mainsite admins and mainsite moderators are members of staff that may not have moderation privileges on the forums. These members are noted to allow users to recognize all staff members in case assistance is required. Please note that although admins have more functions at their disposal, you should try to contact the most available team member first in case they can resolve their issue.

Technical Staff

Technical Staff are the ones who work on site issues, generally coders for the site. These members work towards fixing issues with the site and helping out users who are experiencing any tech-related problems.


Ferrets are a distinguished group of volunteers who actively search for violations of Weasyl’s Community Guidelines. Ferrets have access to the designated Ferret section where they may receive instruction from the staff, as well as offer suggestions or feedback concerning their duties.

Premium User

Premium users are those who have donated or subscribed to the site in order to gain premium membership on Weasyl. Users with premium membership also gain lifetime premium membership on the forums, allowing them access to the premium section as well as larger avatars, more inbox space, more signature space, and a signified rank and colored name on the site as a thank you for supporting the site.


Supporters are those who have donated $5 through our subscription system. This usergroup has no additional benefits over Registered User except that it gets a "Supporter" rank image to show their support for Weasyl.


Volunteers are members of the community who work closely with the Weasyl technical team to help aide with issues and pass along information and answer questions. They aren't officially staff members, but we do hold them to our code of conduct.

You Tried

This is a joke rank that has the same amount of permissions and power as Registered User, except it has the rank image "You Tried". If you want one of these send a witty PM to Taw. They may be re-purposed in the future to have some sort of meaning, but for now they don't do anything.


Suspended users are those that have been temporarily denied access as a disciplinary action for breaking the forum rules. Suspended users return to previous member status once the suspension time has expired.


Banned users have been permanently denied access to Weasyl forums as a disciplinary action for continued violation of the forum rules.

3. How do I apply to be a Ferret?

One can only apply for Ferret status on Weasyl when the applications have been opened publicly to the users. The application status will be announced on the mainsite and forums as well as other media outlets. Once applications are open, users will be given a link to the application to fill out, and may then request permissions to the Ferret group on the forums.

Please note that applications must first be approved before users are accepted to the Ferret group on the forums. We will not accept any request for group permissions when applications are unavailable, or before a user’s application has been approved.

4. How do I report a user? When should I use the report feature?

On the bottom left of each post or private message there is a Report button (). If you see a user breaking the rules please report them to us (giving a reason why also speeds up the process!) Using this feature sends an alert to our forum moderators and admins and then we can handle the issue from there.

If you are uncertain about when to use the report feature, please check our rules before making a decision! If a user is trying to aggravate others into starting something, or is being flat out rude or disrespectful we encourage users to bring that to our attention so we can hopefully correct these concerns before they potentially take a turn for the worse.

5. I can’t access my account? What should I do?

If you are unable to access your account on the Weasyl forums, having troubles registering, or have another issue that prevents you from posting in our Site and Forum Support section, please email us at for further instructions.

6. What are all the bonus features for Premium Users?

  • Get their own forum section
  • Larger avatars (150x150 instead of 100x100)
  • Custom user titles
  • Purple name
  • Rank image underneath avatars
  • Can change their own usernames (30 day limit between changes)
  • Can close own threads
  • More private message storage (300 instead of 50, more recipients per message: 15 instead of 5)
  • Can use animated avatars
  • More characters in signatures (2000 instead of 1000)
  • More images in signature (10 instead of 4)
  • Create more groups on forums (10 instead of 5)
  • Can delete own groups

7. When I post sometimes my post count doesn’t increase!

We have a system in place which only adds posts to the post count if they are 140 characters or more. We want to encourage users to avoid low content posts such as, “this” or “this is cool”, without requiring a minimum character amount of characters required for a post to be submitted.

8. What types of BBCode can I use in posts?

Our full list of BBcode can be found here: