Forum Rules
Updated October 28, 2014

The contents of this forum must meet a PG-13 standard and abide by the following rules:

1. Respect other users.

  • We do not tolerate harassment. This includes, but is not limited to: insults, slander, call-outs, baiting, flaming, trolling, or rabble-rousing.
  • Discussion should be kept civil, and any disagreements should not escalate to the point where the intent shifts from meaningful discussion to putting another person down.
  • Remember that you have the option to automatically restrict the display of a userís posts by placing the userís name on your ignore list.

2. DO NOT POST: Pornography, extreme violence, gore, or encouragement/admittance of illegal activities.

  • Although the main site does allow adult works to be posted, our forums abide by PG-13 standards.
  • Exceptions to our porn rule are links (NO EMBEDDED IMAGES) to the content. Links to websites that have age verification are preferred. These links must include a warning, such as an NSFW tag, to warn users before they click.

3. Absolutely no discrimination.

  • We have zero tolerance for discrimination towards others on these forums.
  • Discrimination of any race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and so on are strictly prohibited.

4. Stay on topic. Keep discussions civil.

  • Debating points is absolutely fine, so long as it's kept on topic, and it doesn't get out of hand.
  • Any disagreements that end up breaking any forum rules (whether or not someone else started it) will result in warnings or further administrative action. We do not tolerate this sort of behaviour at all. If someone breaks the rules, report them and move on.
  • The report symbol is on the bottom left of each post.

5. Follow subforum rules.

  • Some of our forum sections have exceptions or exemptions to a few of these rules. They will always be stickied threads in their respective subforum.

6. Only create ONE account.

7. Do not take credit for someone else's work.

  • This includes images, videos, written work, and so forth. Always cite your sources when reasonable.

8. Do not spam or post low content.

  • Include content in your posts that is humorous, informative, or insightful. Do not post for the sake of posting or increasing your post count. Image macros and demotivational posters are strongly discouraged and will be considered spam.
  • Posts below 140 characters are not counted towards post count.

9. Use existing threads instead of making new ones

  • Bumping an old thread is allowed as long as the posts remain on topic.
  • Use the search feature to try and find threads before making one.

10. Avatars and Signatures

  • Avatars and signatures MUST be work-safe and appropriate for all audiences. Inflammatory or inappropriate language will result in a warning and the images removed.
  • Signatures should not be excessive in size, file size or image(s).
  • Signatures should be kept to a reasonable size. Attempting to stretch the page by having a large signature will result in an infraction.
  • Do not use avatars or signatures that are seizure-inducing (rapidly flashing or rapidly changing colours).

11. Advertising - What is and isn't allowed.

  • We allow artists to self advertise their services and promote their own content. Post in our Marketplace section to market yourself or in Requests/Trades if you are looking for requests or want to trade something in exchange for a service.
  • We DO NOT allow promotion of non-art related content, or advertising which does not suit our community's needs. We are foremost an art community, so promoting and supporting artists and their fans is what we aim to accomplish. Prohibited content to advertise includes: forums or discussion boards, commercial products (examples: soda companies, cleaning supplies, etc) and so on.
  • ADVERTISING vs DISCUSSION - If a thread is essentially written to sell something and not meant to ask or provoke questions about the service/product, it is considered an ad. If you are posting to inquire about a website or there is something in the news about it and you'd like to start a discussion on it, that is perfectly acceptable.
  • If you are unsure or need any clarification, please contact our staff.

These rules should be taken as general guidelines and are flexible, as is their enforcement. Please do not try to circumvent them. We will not attempt to cover every possible interpretation or situation. These rules may change as we are presented with new situations or circumstances and we will update them to reflect these changes.

We take action on any user who breaks the rules, regardless of whether or not someone else baited them or attacked them first. Two wrongs don't make a right and are not justified here. Report rule-breaking and do not engage them.

Reporting Posts:
When reporting a post, please only report it once! One report is enough for us to see it. Purposely reporting a post that doesn't break any rules will not be tolerated. Abusing the report system will result in a warning and/or an infraction.

Include anything that is relevant to the post you are reporting. If there are other posts in the thread that need to be looked at, you can include them as well. Be as accurate as you can when you report a post.

Reporting a post and insulting a user in the details field will be considered misuse. You will receive a warning if you abuse the report form fields. Use them appropriately.

Users who break forum rules will receive a one-time warning on their account through the forum infraction system. This infraction has a weight of 0 points and will only be applied once. Warnings will be skipped if a user has received a warning (either officially, or in a thread) or has broken a rule that is weighed more heavily than others. (See rules 1 through 3)

Please note that violating the our rules will result in a warning, suspension, or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and severity of the violation.

Ban Circumvention:
Attempting to circumvent a temporary ban will lead to a permanent ban. This includes: registering under a non-banned name, changing IP addresses to evade an IP ban, registering a new email to avoid an email ban and so forth.

If you feel as though the action taken on your account was excessive or uncalled for, you can contact us via email to appeal your ban. Attempting to use technicalities or wording to appeal a decision will be dismissed.